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Recap: #ECRchat on Blogging your Research

This week’s chat was on the theme of “blogging your research” and was hosted by Charlotte Mathieson, a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick.

Following on from the theme of the previous #ECRchat on Academics and Social Media, this week we talked more specifically about blogging your research. We had a good variety of ECR bloggers, writing both independent and collaborative, research and skills-based blogs. The chat explored how to blog about your research effectively, covering issues around the potential dangers of making too much information freely available as well as the advantages of engaging a wider audience, generating potential for research collaboration, and stimulating better academic writing. We also looked at the practicalities of blogging, such as finding the time and how to publicise your blog.

Blogging has generated a lot of discussion recently and in addition to some of the articles quoted in the recap of the previous chat, some noteworthy pieces include the Guardian Higher Education Network’s Live Chat on Academic Blogging: the power and the pitfalls, Rohan Maitzen’s article “Scholarship 2.0: Blogging and/as Academic Practice“, and a podcast from Oxford University on “Would you blog the truth?”

It was great to see such a lively and productive discussion about blogging, and to find out about so many more excellent academic blogs! Tweets with links to blogs are included at the start of the Storify.

Catch up with the chat via this Storify or read a full archive of the tweets: #ECRchat_tweets_2012_10_25

The next #ECRchat is on Thursday 8th November – UK participants note that the chat will now be at 10.00-11.00; Europe chat time is 11.00-12.00 (CEST) and Australia at 21.00-22.00.


Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century English Literature, University of Surrey

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