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Recap: #ECRchat 17 January ‘Plans for 2013’

There will be no comprehensive recap for the first chat of 2013. The discussion, which focused on participants’ aims and strategies for 2013, has been summarised in this storify.

The start of the new year also seems like the appropriate time to reflect on the future of #ECRChat. First, many thanks to everyone who participated in starting the chat and keeping it going in 2012. Katie and I are as enthusiastic as ever to keep things going, but have less time than ever. We are both in the second year of our respective two year postdocs and are facing all the job-hunting, publication-submitting, big-choice-making challenges that come with that.

With that in mind, if you participate in the fortnightly chats, please suggest a topic, help us promote the chat and become a host. The more we can share the workload, the more sustainable and enjoyable #ECRchat will be this year.

Many thanks, and here’s to a great 2013!


You can also view the unedited chat here #ECRchat_tweets_2013_01_17.pdf



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