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Recap: #ECRchat on how to deal with stress and anxiety, 25 April 2013

This chat was hosted by Emily T Murray, a soon to be Research Fellow in medical statistics/epidemiology at St George’s University of London.  She can be found on Twitter as @emilytmurray.  Here is her recap of the chat.

For the #ECRchat of 25th April I agreed to host a discussion on ‘How to deal with stress and anxiety’.  What immediately became apparent in the chat was the amount of stress and anxiety that ECR’s are experiencing from a lack of stability in the job market, mostly from short term contracts.  There was also much discussion of the pressure to publish and build a research career, but uncertainty in how to do that or whether they were going about it in the right way.

When asked how ECR’s deal with the stress, most mentioned spending time with friends and family, developing support networks, being organized, exercise, relaxation time, and healthy food (including the odd glass of wine).   In the end there was no holy grail of ‘stress-busting’ but talking to other ECR’s on Twitter and realizing we have a lot of the same anxieties somehow made it a little more manageable.

As usual, there were far too many tweets and side-conversations to summarize the whole thing, but you can see the entire chat here on storify.


You can also download a PDF of the full unedited chat here #ECRchat_tweets_2013_04_25.pdf



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