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Coming up: Intellectual property in research teams, 29 Aug 2013

Dr Siobhan O’Dwyer (@Siobhan_ODwyer) is nearing the end of a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Griffith University.  She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2009 and then spent two years in the community sector before returning to academia. Her postdoctoral work has focused on suicide risk in family carers of people with dementia and she works closely with a range of community and advocacy organisations.

The next ECRChat will focus on negotiating intellectual property in research teams.  When we conduct research we rarely do it alone and whenever we work in a team (whether that team has two people or twenty), the issue of intellectual property arises. In academia new ideas are everything and being the first author or the Chief Investigator counts – so the ability to protect your intellectual property and negotiate IP in teams is crucial.

This chat is a chance to consider questions such as: How is the order of investigators on a grant or authors on a paper determined? Who is entitled to take credit for a given piece of research in the media? How is IP determined when your research has commercial potential or when you work with Industry partners? It is also an opportunity to contribute your own suggestions and learn from others about how they negotiate intellectual property when working in research teams.

Hopefully this chat will be an opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others. I think we often learn about IP by trial and error (mostly error!), so perhaps this will save a few people from making the same mistakes. While my own work straddles the humanities and health sciences, I’m looking forward to hearing from those in the creative industries, where outputs aren’t always in the form of academic journal articles, and from those whose work leads to patents, trademarks or designs.




Postdoc in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, researching visual word recognition. Likes MEG, TMS, fMRI, reading, waffles, and motorbiking.

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