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Coming up: Work-Life Balance – a joint ECR Network and #ECRchat event, 5 December 2013

Please note the earlier time for this chat: 6:00pm AEDT (Sydney) 7:00am GMT 

If you’re in Adelaide you can also join us at The Science Exchange Auditorium,  Exchange Place, Adelaide, for the live event (registration required).

Livestreaming at

For this event we’re teaming up with ECR Network by RiAus, an Adelaide-based series of ECR-specific events, covering professional development and career topics specifically for early career researchers, to discuss one of the most often requested topics for ECR Network – how to manage a work-life balance in research.

In a unique event for ECR Network and #ECRchat, we’ll be livestreaming a live discussion from Adelaide and discussing it on twitter with @ECRChat and @Ri_Aus. The speakers at the live event will also be able to interact with the twitter discussion and field questions from those online.

We’ll hear from two high profile researchers who have navigated the work-life balance, Tanya Monro and Corey Bradshaw.

Our 5 main questions will be:

  1. Am I working hard enough, is a 38 hour week reasonable?
  2. Can/Should I start a family during a research career, and what are the maternity leave arrangements for ECR’s?
  3. What are my rights when negotiating contracts?
  4. How do I identify the right work-life balance?
  5. How do I restore balance to my life/career?

For more details go to



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