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Coming up: SPECIAL #ECRchat “The Experts Ask Us” – Issues of reward and recognition for early career researchers, with the Academy of Medical Sciences, 12 December 2013

The chat on 12 December is hosted by @acmedsci and @naje99. Holly Rogers and Nigel Eady both work for the Academy of Medical Sciences, the independent body in the UK representing the diversity of medical science. Nigel manages a range of schemes which aim to support and encourage medical researchers as they develop their careers. Holly works in communications across all the Academy’s activities, whether promoting policy reports, running public engagement events or tweeting about anything Academy-related!

The Academy is interested in issues of reward and recognition for early career researchers. We are particularly concerned about this in the area of ‘team science’, by which we mean team-based collaborative or interdisciplinary research, which is increasingly common in the fields of biomedical and clinical science. So, to what degree do postdoctoral researchers receive reward and recognition for their contributions to ‘team science’ projects? How could these contributions be better recognised?

We want to know what you think, whatever your research area of interest and whether you are an early career researcher yourself or work with ECRs:

  • Are there barriers which discourage ECRs from participating in team-based interdisciplinary research?
  • Do implicit or explicit conventions in authorship of papers have an impact?
  • How might grant applications better reflect the contributions to research of postdoctoral researchers?
  • Do universities have adequate policies to appropriately account for contributions made as part of a team when it comes to career progression?
  • Do some research areas/disciplines have better systems of reward and recognition than others?

Maybe you have experienced a problem yourself. Maybe you could highlight an effective mechanism to ensure ECRs are better recognised for their input! Join the chat and let us know.

The Academy is putting together a working group of senior academics, ECRs and other stakeholders to investigate this issue. Your views and comments comprise part of the scoping process for this study and will inform the development and direction of the project. The likely output of the study is a report with recommendations which will be delivered to key stakeholders in the research community.

The Academy comprises over 1000 elected Fellows, representing the breadth of medical science, from fundamental biological sciences and clinical academic medicine through to public and population health, medical and nursing care and other professions allied to medical science. Our Fellows’ knowledge, influence and networks are the Academy’s most powerful assets, enabling us to work towards our vision to improve health through research.



Academic, political tragic. Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

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