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A belated goodbye and thanks

A message from Hazel…

And so, dear #ECRchat, it has come time for me to farewell my role as member of the chat team. As many of you know, my work situation has changed considerably in the year and a half since we started #ECRchat, and I’m no longer able to be involved.

If that changes, I hope you’ll have me back in whatever capacity I can be most useful by that time. I want to thank everyone who came along to chats, volunteered to host, and mentored us as we all embarked on creating this little community. (I don’t think we realized how big it would be!) Every one of you taught me so much about being a scholar and a colleague, and guided me, supported me, and provided an understanding ear through what was a pretty tough time professionally.

In particular, I can’t thank Katie enough. She believed in the idea right from the start, made sure it happened, and never stopped looking for ways to make it better. Her new colleagues are very lucky to have such a motivated, committed, and above all, kind, colleague.

Beth, more recently, thanks for jumping in when we needed you. Your willingness to take on #ECRchat mid-stream has given me real hope that it will survive and thrive into the future.

I hope #ECRchat lasts for many years to come. I certainly couldn’t have done my ECR years or made my tough career decisions without it.

Catch you on all Twitter,


This is a post on behalf of Hazel Ferguson, co-founder of #ECRchat. Hazel quietly and discretely stepped back from her role at #ECRchat when she started a new job, but the hole she has left behind is ever-present. On behalf of everyone who has joined in the chats over the past year and a half, thank you Hazel, for your tireless efforts in growing and maintaining the momentum of #ECRchat. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You will be sorely missed and welcome back at any time! – Katie



Postdoc in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, researching visual word recognition. Likes MEG, TMS, fMRI, reading, waffles, and motorbiking.

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