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Recap: #ECRchat 20th March 2014 on Balancing workload

This week’s chat was hosted by Charlotte Mathieson (@cemathieson) and looked at issues around balancing the multiple demands of teaching, research and admin. We had a range of job types represented, from those on single contracts, those balancing multiple contracts, and independent researchers working across academic and non-academic work. We talked about:

  • institutional/ international differences in workloads;
  • the challenges of working across multiple contracts;
  • prioritising workload, especially writing/research over admin, & saying “no”;
  • managing email
  • staying organised
  • procrastination
  • writing tips – pomodoro technique, scheduling writing, writing vs editing
  • apps and digital tools

You can read the chat in full via this storify; thanks to everyone who took part for making it such an interesting and productive discussion.

The next chat is on Thursday 3rd April, UK/US timezones, and will be hosted by Beth (@phdgeek) on Issues for ECRs in Minority Groups.


Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century English Literature, University of Surrey

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