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Recap: Live #ECRChat on Career Progression and Planning

This week’s chat was hosted by Hazel Ferguson, a postdoc researching the cultural politics of alternative food systems at Southern Cross University, Australia.

Thank you everyone who came along to discuss career progression and planning yesterday. I was so pleased to have the chance to host such an informative and wide ranging #ECRChat. It seems to be growing in popularity (we trended in the UK!) and I’m really looking forward to seeing how things develop in future weeks. We’re still looking for new people to host if you would like to give it a try.

Too many important points were made to cover in detail here, but you can relive the chat on Storify, or read the full archive here [.pdf].

Some of the advice that hit home the most for me was concerned with focusing on the quality and originality of your work, be it in an academic setting or not. Over the course of the discussion it became clear to me how much we can sometimes struggle (or is it just me?) to hit the moving target of research frameworks, funding criteria, position and promotion criteria, and our own expectations about being ‘enough’. With this in mind, over the next 12 months I’m going to focus on building a ‘coherent unfurling research narrative’ (thanks Chris Gibson). I’d love to hear what others took away from the chat, either in the comments or via the #ECRChat hashtag.

Really looking forward to chatting with you all again next week,


#ECRchat will be back at the same time next week with your host Sarah Quinnell. That’s 11:00-12:00 in the UK (BST), 12:00-13:00 in Europe (CEST), and 20:00-21:00 in Australia (EST), on Thursday 2nd August.



Academic, political tragic. Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

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