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Coming up: #ECRchat on ‘Managing end-of-year pressures’, 19 December 2013 with @Comprof1

Although technically an ECR, Virginia Yonkers (@Comprof1) has been an adjunct in Communication, Business, and Education departments, and worked on research projects (including project manager/project director) for over 20 years.  She currently is an adjunct at the University at Albany in the communication department, looking for a full-time permanent job and researching mobile technology.

This final #ECRchat of the year will be on Managing end-of-year pressures.

The end of the year brings many time demands on the ECR.  Research projects often require at least annual updates, if not quarterly reports to funders and schools.  If you are a teaching researcher, you have the added pressures of grading, and if you are a working researcher, you have the end of year push before you and colleagues break for vacation. December and January is also the time when research projects need to meet RFP deadlines (as funding agencies need to hand out any left over money they may have) and ERC’s may need to start applying for jobs as their projects come to an end.  Add to this the family and community pressures of the holiday season, and you have one stressful time of year!

In this session we will discuss:

1) Strategies for identifying and managing time demands
2) Ways to balance personal and professional life
3) Prioritizing and designing work to minimize future stress

We look forward to chatting with you!



Academic, political tragic. Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

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